Membership requirements

  1. Agencies or Real Estate Agents with more than (3) years of experience
  2. Be Registered in the Treasury as a Company or Legal Entity with a minimum of 3 years.
  3. (5) commercial references in the real estate area. Or, for two members of the initial group that attest to their professionalism.
  4. Agents who have not been suspended for lack of professional ethics or labor conflict of any kind. * Active members can express their opposition to a new income due to ethical issues or labor conflicts. (Vote)
  5. Agents of full time to the profession.
  6. There are no criminal records, fraud trials or having been entered on the blacklist (black). (Options of voting in meeting).
  7. Excellent knowledge in the real estate and legal process
  8. Agencies and Agents who wish to work as a team
  9. Basic technological knowledge and use of platforms.
  10. A minimum placement of 5 properties per month is required to maintain an active membership
  11. (OPTIONAL) Members of the Chamber of Corridors #ID. Or that has taken the initial course of the Chamber and other types of certifications relevant to the profession

If you are interested in participating but do not qualify with any of the requirements, you can write to

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