Protocolo Inmobiliario is made up of the different agencies and real estate agents of Costa Rica. Together, we have established a professional network whose efforts seek to unify the efforts of all real estate professionals while excluding the unprofessional entities and fraud that compromise the integrity of our profession in the eyes of the public.

What are the Membership Benefits?

  • Access to a shared property platform among our professional network
  • Automatic translation of your properties into other languages
  • Automatic notifications of new properties from other agents in the network
  • Exclusive property contracts honored by other network agents
  • Network-wide, established professional ethics protection
  • Unique username and password account protection
  • Invitations to professional development meetings
  • Access to a database of draft contracts, and guides that help you as a real estate agent (coming soon)
  • Access to current marketplace news about changes in the law and trends in Costa Rica (coming soon)
  • Shared knowledge and training portal (coming soon)

Why Register?

The ethics committee is made up of active members who review new applications, verify the identity of agents and companies to ensure the integrity and reputation of the network and thus ensure that customers receive the best service from our registered agents.

Protocolo Inmobiliario promotes active members, committed to professional and business growth.

Please click on the requirements link and read the list of pre-requisites before registering.  Registration applications will be reviewed the the ethics committee.  Acceptance responses can take 15 to a maximum of 30 days.


Use our registration form to become an active member our network of real estate agents. Together we can standardize, legalize, and revolutionize the real estate agent profession in Costa Rica.

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